Minister’s Department

Offices:  Coordinator

Description:  The purpose of this department is to provide opportunities for fellowship and enrichment for clergy. During the Adjourn Session, the Congress of Christian Education and the Annual Session we hold seminars and training sessions that enlighten and empower ministers. This department also plans and coordinates an annual Minister’s Conference where ministers receive instruction to enhance their ministries as well as hear sermons from some of the best preachers in the state.

Women’s Department

Offices:  President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Assistant Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Assistant Financial Secretary, Historian, Parliamentarian, Musician, President’s Council

Description:  The Women’s Department is composed of all the women of the convention whose primary function is to promote and magnify the gifts and contributions of all Christian women. It further seeks to improve the missionary work in constituent churches through cooperative programs of Christian training and devotional life. The most prominent way this is achieved is through the courses and lectures offered at the Convention’s Annual Sessions.

Laymen’s Department

Offices:  President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chaplain, Parliamentarian

Description:  The objective of the Laymen’s Department is to promote brotherhood and cooperative work among Laymen and the Convention; to enlist a spirit of fellowship and responsibility for guiding young men and boys in assuring their role in today’s society. They also solicit funds for the Convention’s educational projects for the Morehouse-Mays Baptist School of Theology, formerly known as the Morehouse School of Religion and for the Convention Center in Griffin, Georgia.  Having Christ-like minds, the Laymen strive to promote Christian and spiritual development.

Youth Department

Offices:   Advisor

Description:  The objective of this department is to give our youth opportunities to express their individuality through singing, poetry, dance, public speaking and other avenues of talent.  They annually in June to participate in seminars and training based upon the theme adopted by the Parent Body in the Adjourn Session.  They plan and present to the Parent Body activities to be implemented at the Annual Session as well as throughout the year, for approval .

Young Adult Department

Offices:  Advisor

Description:  This department was recently formed due to the recognition that this age group is showing a decline in the church. Some of the main focuses of the department is to engage and encourage young adults to be active in the church, have a presence in the church and come together to express the challenges they face. They provide assistance to the local churches in planning activities for young adults that focuses on the needs to be met.

The Congress of Christian Education

Offices:  President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Dean, Assistant Dean, Registrar, Assistant Registrar

Description:  The Congress was officially organized in February 1962 at the Tremont Temple Baptist Church, Macon, Georgia. The Congress realizes that the Christian Education process should help guide and direct the emotional, physical, social and spiritual growth of all church members. With this philosophy at hand, a program of instruction and teaching was designed to address the needs, abilities and interests of the people attending the Congress of Christian Education. The annual schedule includes: morning inspirations, greetings from the Parent Body, courses for all age groups, specialized workshops, a minister’s conference with guest speakers and lecturers, many youth activities, arts and crafts, and a foreign missions drive.

Usher’s Department

Offices:  President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer

Description:  The purpose of this department is to provide training and fellowship for New Era’s ushers. Because ushers are a vital part of the functioning of the church, our Convention offers training that helps to maximize their service to the church. Ushers involved in this department are also able to participate in statewide events demonstrating the unity in the Convention.