Our President

Bishop Williams is the daughter of the late Deacon John A. Green and the late Mrs. Evary Nesmith Green. She was born in Hemingway, S.C and she comes from a large family of eleven sisters and brothers. She was married to the late (US Army Ret.), SFC Leroy Williams, Sr. and she is the mother of five children, grandmother of thirteen, and great-grandmother of eleven. 

She accepted Christ at the age of 12 years old and was converted and baptized at Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Charleston, SC. She was called into the ministry in 1969. In May of 1970 she preached her initial sermon, and in September of 1974, she became an ordained minister at Canaan Missionary Baptist Church, Charleston, S.C. 

She served as acting Pastor of Everfaithful Missionary Baptist Church from Oct.1975 until Oct. 1976. The church asked her in Oct.1976 to accept the position of Pastor and she did. She was publicly installed as Pastor in January 1977, by her Pastor, the late Rev. Essie Mae McIntyre and the Good Shepherd Baptist Church family. She continues to serve currently as the Pastor of the Everfaithful Missionary Baptist Church. 

She has demonstrated her scholastic ability by receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Paine College in Augusta, GA, a Master’s Degree in Education from South Carolina State College, a Doctorate of Theology in August of 1996, a Doctorate of Divinity from Spirit of Truth Institute in Richmond, VA, and a 2005 graduate of Beacon University. She retired after 21 years of teaching from the Richmond County School System in Augusta, GA., for a higher calling as full-time Pastor of Everfaithful Missionary Baptist Church. 

She has received numerous awards and she has participated in various civic and religious organizations such as being a former member of the Sister Austin’s Young People Choir, manager of the Men of Song of Augusta, Georgia, member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and a founding member of Eta Theta Chapter of Paine College, Augusta, Ga, member of the National Women for Negro Council, and member of the McIntyre Court #662. Bishop Williams has been a member and has affiliated the Church with the National Baptist Convention, Inc., and the Walker Baptist Association. She was a member of the National Baptist Women, Inc., and the Local Women’s Conference. She was a former Secretary and Vice-President of the Baptist Minister’s Conference of Augusta, Ga., and was the Credential Chairman of the Executive Committee for Pastoral Care for University Hospital of Augusta, GA. 

Bishop Williams awards, to name a few, include the Unsung Hero Award 1993; The Good Shepherd Pastor Award 1994; The Ambassador for Christ Award 1995; Who’s Who Among American Women 1997; Pastor of the Year 1998; The Martin Luther King Jr. Outstanding Service Award 2000; and Who’s Who in American Heritage 2004, twice she received the Living Legend awards at the Broadway Baptist Church of Augusta, GA., and locally she has received two other Martin Luther King Jr awards, with numerous other awards that are not listed. 

She was consecrated as Bishop on May 7, 2005 by Bishop L.D. Skinner, Overseer of Explosion Ministries, Columbus, GA. She received a divine assignment in 2000 and serves as the Founder and Presiding Prelate of the Great Faith Evangelistic Ministries, Inc. (GFEM). In April 2008, she answered the call to the Five Fold Ministry under the ARMI Network, and accepted the elevation to the position of Apostle, by Apostle Rita J. Johnson of Power Church Center International Ministry, Belleville, MI. 

Her service has included her being Chaplain of the day for the State of Georgia House of Representatives on several occasions, as well as Chaplain of the day several times for the City of Augusta, Ga., Commissioner’s meetings. Bishop Williams is a member of the NAACP and a current member of the Baptist Minister’s Conference of Augusta. In November of 2019 she is one of the first women chosen and honored with the Community Leaders of Faith and was presented with the “Community Woman of Faith” award, presented by the Medical Association, 96.3 Kiss Gospel Radio, and iHeart Media-Augusta. 

In November of 2014 Bishop Williams made history as being the first woman to be appointed as a state officer of New Era Missionary Baptist Convention. She served as the Second Vice President of the New Era Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc. She was later elected and served as the 1st Vice-President of the New Era Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia. In November 2022, Bishop Williams made history again and was elected as the first woman who is now currently serving as the first woman President of the Nee Era Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia Inc. Also, in December 2022 Mayor Hardie Davis presented Bishop Williams with the key to the city of Augusta.    

She has participated in revivals in Europe, Alaska, and throughout the United States.  Her ministry includes the whole man from birth to death.  She has led many souls to Christ and many members to rededicate themselves to Christ through her hard work, inspiration, and enthusiasm as a spirit-filled Pastor. 

Bishop Williams has been referred to as, “The Deborah of Dispensation”, “The Esther of African- Americans”, “The Dorcas of Augusta”, “The Lover of Prayer”, “The Queen of Compassion”, and “The Judge of Humility”!

Bishop Williams’ zeal unto to God is to serve Everfaithful well, be a blessing to the Body of Christ as she ever leans on him to strengthen her, and to remain a humble servant until He calls her home.

Although she has not always done what she should have done, her greatest prayer is, that GOD will still hold her in his hands, giving mercy and grace as she fights the good fight of faith until she hears "well done my servant"; and for His mercy and His grace she is eternally grateful.

Gripped In His Grace, God's Servant